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july first quality inspection internal training meeting

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recently, the temperature has climbed all the way, and the sun gonggong sang the song "qing" in a high-profile manner. however, the new technicians did not stop their footsteps and practice their internal strength. on july 20, tuxin company held seven in the workshop of the production workshop. the first internal training session on quality processes and inspection standards in the month.

the first to carry out the training in quality inspection, the training was carried out by the deputy director of quality inspection of tuxin company, and zheng min, an old employee who has worked in the group for more than 20 years. she combined with many years of experience in the quality inspection and explained the employees who participated in the training. the process and details of the quality inspection work of the new company, the specific content of the training content, the form is lively and lively, and the training effect is good.

she first explained the product defect code definition and defect description. defects are problems with the product that cannot be sent to customers, including scratches, uneven coating, tight edges, and adhesions. some of them are unqualified raw materials but cannot be detected before delivery, such as foreign matter inclusions in the rolls. , aluminized splashes, etc.; and some are caused during the manufacturing process, such as scratching the aluminum layer, winding up, winding too tight and causing adhesions.

she then focused on training the product inspection process. it mainly includes prenatal raw material testing, mid-production inspection, as well as post-production spot check and packaging labeling and sample retention. the raw material testing covers the main contents such as apparent visual inspection, width measurement, corona surface (or coating surface) confirmation, first confirmation, etc. among them, the first confirmation is the most critical, and the coating fastness test and uv ink adhesion test are required. bar code printing and other content. in the mid-production inspection, the main point of the inspection is whether the aluminum-plated material has a light-transmitting point/line on the machine table, and the surface of the film roll is wiped by the flashlight to see if there are scratches or bumps. postpartum product label printing, packaging inspection, monitoring whether the packaging workers are packed according to requirements, whether the wrapping film is tightly wrapped, whether the tray is packed tightly, whether desiccant is placed, etc. the most important thing is the sampling of the tail sample, real-time monitoring the consistency of the sample and the tail.

in the afternoon, training in production management and equipment management was conducted. the training was hosted by nie hongguo, deputy director of production of tuxin company. minister nie was responsible for production management and equipment management of the entire new company. production management included daily scheduling and production of raw materials. organization, and the organization of production until the product is completed. equipment management includes equipment selection, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and transformation according to process requirements.

the content of the training of minister nie mainly covers the three aspects of the future description of the new company, production factors, and equipment management. he said from the purpose of production to the company's pursuit of profit, and then to personal interests, he believes that under the good corporate management system and assessment system, the company and the individual's goal is actually the same, the company pursues more profits, personal pursuit higher income, these can be achieved, but the premise is that personal work should be diligent, work must be full of passion, responsible to the company, but also responsible for themselves.

when it comes to production management, he elaborates on the organization and implementation of production from three aspects: human, machine and material. for example, he said that people are the main body of production activities, organizers and implementers. the status is undoubtedly the most important. from people's psychology and attitudes, learning attitudes and theoretical knowledge in practice, skills, communication and coordination. competence, the desire for success and the taste of results are all manifestations of a person's comprehensive ability. the machine is like a gun in the hands of a warrior. only by figuring out how it works, a common saying "know it", plus the care of it all the time, can make the gun in our hands play the most important role.

finally, in terms of equipment management, he professionally explained the working principle of the equipment, including tension system, pressure system, oven drying system, power system, and control system.

during the training, everyone listened carefully and took notes in detail. asking questions during the training, the atmosphere is lively and interesting! through this training, everyone has benefited a lot. new employees have grown up in their studies, and old employees have improved in their discussions.

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