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newsletter - upm raflatac's visit record

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on august 8, 2018, the world's leading self-adhesive manufacturer, upm raflatac, purchased and developed a group of four people to our company for business talks. fan chaohui, marketing director of the company, and wei qinghua, marketing director, participated in the whole process. also, mr. xiong changzheng, director of production of tuxin company, zhang jianwei, director of quality assurance department of debon company, and qin wenxi, business manager of lantai business.

the company's visit to upm raflatac affirmed the quality of the previous supply and also requested the products for the later cooperation. at the same time, the two sides discussed the new products to be supplied and proposed improvements.

after the meeting, fan zhaohui, the marketing director, reported the results of the talks to zhang. mr. zhang spoke highly of the results of the talks and expressed his good wishes for the future cooperation prospects. he also urged the production and sales leaders to promote the cooperation in a solid and steady manner. a substantial breakthrough was made to lay a solid foundation for mutual benefit and win-win results.

cooperation background
upm raflatac is the world's leading supplier of pressure sensitive label solutions.

the company's film and paper materials are used in the manufacture of products and information labels for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals and safety to food and beverages.
upm raflatac composite paper and film materials are available in both roll and flat format. customers include printers and packaging suppliers that specialize in roll-to-roll printing. in addition, upm raflatac supplies flat sheet products to offset printing and screen printing companies in the graphics industry, using european paper distributors as a channel.

· upm raflatac has 2,800 employees.
· upm raflatac's annual sales are 1.2 billion euros.
· upm raflatac has 11 plants in operation with a network of sales offices and distribution terminals across six continents.
· upm raflatac's composite products are available in both reel and flat specifications.
· the parent company of upm raflatac is upm – the biofore company.

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