congratulations to zhang dongping, the employee of our company, for winning the title of “technology-凯发app官网登录

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congratulations to zhang dongping, the employee of our company, for winning the title of “technology

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there are such a group of people around us.
they are diligent and hardworking
they look ordinary, ordinary
but with his superb skills to create a better life
carry forward an extraordinary spirit
that is

in february 2018, xiaogan city launched the city's service model and technical expert selection activities. through layer-by-layer recommendation, level-by-level review, online voting, expert review, government review, media publicity and other aspects of selection, our company, zhang dongping, stood out with outstanding results and won the title of “xiaogan city technical expert”. the city has won only 50 honors, and the xiaogan municipal people's government has awarded 10,000 yuan to each winner to recognize the craftsmen who can take root and work at the grassroots level in the new era.

comrade zhang dongping entered the company after graduating in 1989. he has served as a duty workshop electrician, maintenance squad leader, bruckner production line maintenance electrician, equipment maintenance squad leader, equipment deputy director, director, production minister. he has been engaged in electrical maintenance during his work. he dared to challenge and innovate. through technical improvement and transformation of equipment and production lines, he successfully developed more than 10 new products in cooperation with the company's process department, which contributed to the strategic shift of the group.

zhang dongping participated in the completion of the 3,000-ton bopp production line digestion and absorption project won the second prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, independently completed the transformation of 6500 tons and 10,000 tons of production lines, independently designed and manufactured the vacuum cleaning furnace, and solved the problem of difficult cleaning of the production line. the domestic slitting machine carried out more than 20 political advances, transformations, and direct-coated composite membranes, which won the provincial major scientific and technological achievements in 2009. the laser holographic fixed-length stretching and positioning transfer anti-counterfeiting film won the provincial major scientific and technological achievements in 2009, and the coating-free direct compounding in 2010, the film won the second prize of xiaogan science and technology progress award; the static elimination device for transforming the slitting machine won the national utility model patent.

honor history::

assistant electrical engineer in 1993

in 1996, he was awarded the “technology expert in xiaogan city post” and obtained the senior electrician professional qualification certificate in the same year.

elected as the representative of the 17th national people's congress of yunmeng county in 2011

in 2012, he obtained the title of electrical engineer.

in 2013, he obtained the electrical senior technician (maintenance electrician level) skill level certificate.

in 2014, he was named "chief technician" in the first "xiaogan yingcai" selection in xiaogan city.

in 2016, he was elected as the representative of the sixth party congress in xiaogan city.

in 2018, it was awarded the title of “technology expert of xiaogan city” by the people’s government of xiaogan city.

“learn the craftsman spirit and strive to be a technical expert”

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